Oil Country Tubular Goods-Drill Pipe


Drill Pipe

Grades: E-75, G-105, S-135, V-150, X-95, XD-105

Connection: AOH, NC31, NC38, NC40, XT39, XTM39, NC46, NC50, GPDS50, HT55, GPDS55, XT57, FH

Sizes: 2 7/8” thru 6 5/8” OD

Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

Type: Conventional and Spiral

Size: 3 ½” thru 5 7/8"


Our Manufacturer Provides

*Certified ARNCO Hardbander

* TUBOSCOPE inspected 95% remaining wall


*Cold Rolling of Threads Available

*Double Shoulder Connections Available

*Make and Break Services Available

*Proprietary Internal Upset Transition Zone

** Other grades and sizes available upon request. If it's made, we can find it.