Oil Country Tubular Goods-Casing



Exploration and operation of oil and gas wells.


Seamless Casing – ISO 11960/API 5CT, 5B

Grades: J-55, K-55, L-80, N-80, and P-110

Sizes: 4 ½” x 9.41 Lbs/Ft thru 13 3/8” x 72 Lbs/Ft


End Connections

P – Plain End

STC – Short, Round, Threaded and Coupled

LTC – Long, Round, Threaded and Coupled

BTC – Buttress threaded and Coupled



Range 1: 16' - 25'

Range 2: 25' - 34'

Range 3: 34' - 41'



Pipes are supplied black, bare or with black or clear lacquer external varnish.



Pipes are supplied with marking according to standard and customer request.

Marking is paint and/or die stenciled on the ends of pipes. The same data as well as additional information per customer’s request is indicated on the bundle’s tags.


Mill Test Certificate

MTC’s are issued in accordance with EN 10204



Pipes are supplied in hex or round bundles tied in at least five places with steel straps. Maximum bundle weight up to 11,000 Lbs.  Each bundle is furnished with three tags.



** Other grades and sizes available upon request. If it's made, we can find it.