Safety Grating

Channel, Flooring, and Ladder Rungs

The web of the channel and flooring is the walking surface which is covered with small perforated dimples. The ladder rungs are small channel shaped sections.

Channel & Walkway

A one-piece metal plank grating manufactured by a cold forming process in the shape of a channel. Diamond openings are complete with radiused corners at the saddle and side channel locations. On the walkway, the extended flanges to support the load and provide a built in kick-plate (toe-board).

The web of its channel is the walking surface and has large debossed holes, surrounded by smaller embossed traction buttons.

Grades: Aluminum, Carbon Steel (Pre Galvanized), Stainless Steel

Sizes: All sizes produced by our manufacturer.


**Other grades and sizes available upon request. If it's made, we can find it.