Bar Grating


Close-Mesh Bar Grating

Suitable for applications requiring narrow spacing for aesthetic or functional reasons.

Duo-Grip Aluminum Planks

Available in unpunched, square punched, or rectangular punched styles, these planks are styled to suit lighting and ventilation considerations as well as providing continuous walking safety for additional safety.

Heavy Duty Grating

Using thicker and deeper bearing bars, this grating is used commonly for airfields, highways, industrial floors, ramps, docks, reinforced concrete areas and specialty applications.

Press-Locked Steel Bar Grating & Aluminum Bar Grating

A smooth clean look that is ideal for applications such as grilles, dividers and screens.

Railroad Grating

Designed specifically for use as railcar brake steps, running boards, walkways and platforms.

Riv-Dexteel Bridge Deck Grating

A high strength grating that has been used for nearly 75 years as bridge decking, curb inlet grates, industrial flooring, driveways across culverts, and heavy traffic areas.

Riveted Steel & Aluminum Bar Grating

Especially practical for areas where rolling loads are used because of its smooth surface.

Stair Treads

Steel and aluminum stair treads are available in a variety of styles: welded, riveted, press-locked, swage-locked and Duo-Grip extruded aluminum, our manufacturer’s treads are safe, self-cleaning, skid-resistant and economical.

Standard Welded Bar Grating

Used universally for walkway and mezzanine decking applications. Ideal for most commercial and industry uses.

Swage-Locked Aluminum Bar Grating

Manufactured with either an “I” or rectangular bearing bar, these bars are permanently locked to the cross rods with a swaging process which reshapes the rods.

Specs: ASTM A-510, A-1011, ANSI/NAAM MBG 531

Size: All sizes produced by our manufacturer.

** Other grades and sizes available upon request. If it's made, we can find it.